Diabetes Awareness ( Type-2 & Type-1 )

Spad has been spreading awareness about Diabetes Type-1 & Type-2 continuously for last 25 years.

02. Free Medicine & Insulin

Free Check-ups, Free Medicine & Insulin Distribution to diabetic children is done by SPAD On 4th Sunday of Every Month.

03. Diabetes Research

Doctors associated with SPAD are consistently Involved in research related to diabetes and Their work is getting published time-to-time.


Behind SPAD?

Time is mysterious and sometimes extraordinary ideas are conceived in the most ordinary moments. One such beautiful thing happened in the year 1995 when Dr. Rishi Shukla shared his intent with his family & friends that he wants to help patients in understanding diabetes, so that they can manage their disease in an orderly way.

The idea was very well welcomed by the peer group and in that very first meeting it was acted upon. Thus the name SPAD (Society for Prevention and Awareness of Diabetes) took its first breath.

25 Years


selfless service


SPAD has conducted
more than 300 Regular Meeting



SPAD family now
has more than 600 members



SPAD programme is
now viewed by more than 50,000 people


When SPAD created History!

In due-course of 25 years of Journey few things done by
SPAD have created History because they have been “Never Done Before” or “First Time Ever” kind Of initiatives.

SPAD organised a National Type-1 Diabetic Meet where in 400 Type-1 children participated From all across India.

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First fashion show of India, which was organised, acted And participated by Type-1 Children of SPAD.

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SPAD organised a Pharma-Meet after which companies Started writing about medicine non-compliance on their Strip.

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SPAD has been regularly organising theme based programmes For Type-1 children to boost their confidence.

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SPAD has been conducting Diabetes Awareness Programme on the 4th Sunday of Every Month since 1995. Not a single fourth-Sunday has been missed!

After SPAD was formed in 1995 the core group committee under the efficient leadership of Dr. Rishi Shukla decided to dedicate a day of the month where-in the diabetes education / awareness programme will be conducted for Type-2 patients. It was unanimously decided that 4th Sunday will be allotted for this and every member will make himself / herself available for this cause.

It has been more than 25 years this “Regular Meeting of SPAD” has been going on with out any interruption. Infact it is first programme in India which has continued for so long and the journey is still going-on.

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Work of SPAD is progressing in an organised and orderly way because of the dedicated team behind it. Such an exemplary work has been the result of untiring effort put forth by the team SPAD….

"The person with diabetes who knows the most lives the longest."

Dr. Elliott P. Joslin